Santa Ynez Valley Winery Tour ~Part Two~


 “Los Olivos” is a small town where people gather to sample wines and do shopping. 


Well, I would like to introduce a small town called “Los Olivos” which is close to Santa Barbara.



This town is has a population of 1,132 and it sits within the Santa Ynez Valley.   


As you can on the map above, it takes just two hours by car from Los Angeles.


This is the entrance of Los Olivos.


There are many wine tasting rooms, hotels, spas, boutiques and so on.


Like a little town in the countryside.


Even though the town is small, there are many wine tasting rooms, boutiques, and hotels.


So you can enjoy it there.


There are many wine tasting rooms! 

There are 25 different winery tasting rooms in this small town.


This is a map of the tasting rooms in Los Olivos. (It is hard to see.)



So it is hard to choose from them 


Many different kinds of tasting rooms.


However, this town is small so you can walk around and easily go to all the tasting rooms.


I recommend that do not rush into choosing the tasting room.


Here is the information about the popular tasting rooms in Los Olivos.

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Many fun and interesting events are held in this town 

When we visited there in June, there was a “Jazz & Olive Festival” being held at that time.



It was bustling with many people.


A sign for the Jazz festival in June.


The Jazz concert outside.


There were many booths sponsored by wineries.


We sampled from almost all of them.



Also, there were some booths that served olives.


We enjoyed and had a relaxing time with Jazz music and tasting wines outside.


Enjoyed the music with appetizer and wine.


You can find more information on their website such as Christmas event (Dec.7th) which kids

can enjoy or Film Festival in March 2020.


Here is the information about events and so on.

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How to enjoy Los Olivos 

There is not only wine tasting but also shopping or staying at a luxury hotel in Los Olivos.


◎A luxury hotel with a spa 

The hotel called “Fess Parker”.


You can get a massage with hot stone therapy or reflexology.

(The average room rate is between $400 to $500, depending on the season.)


By the way, there is the men’s spa menu.

So the man can enjoy with wife or girlfriend as well. 


Inside the hotel “Fess Parker”


There is a small fashion boutique inside this hotel, which features clothes and accessories.


Los Olivos is a “triple threat” place where you can enjoy wine, shopping and have a massage!


I have not stayed at this hotel yet, but I stopped at this boutique and enjoyed the shopping.

I want to stay at this hotel someday.


The specific information about this hotel

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◎If you like Western-style 

There is a shop which sells western goods called “Jedlickas’s” which is across the street

from the Fess Parker hotel.


There are many western goods.


This store opened in 1932 and they sell brands like Tony Lama, Levis, Carhartt and so on.


Cute boy’s western-style!


This is one of my favorite stores in this town.


There are many varieties of western boots for men, women, and kids.

These are kid’s boot. So cute!


There is a lot of equipment for horse riding.

These are horse saddles.



These are so American type style!


The information about this store.

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◎It is suitable for souvenir 

There is a cute small store for stationery goods.


It called “The Giving Ink by The Honey Paper“.


You can buy original cards and stationery.


Why don’t you visit and buy a bit of different things from ordinary stores?


Cute store.


The specific information from here

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Visited a famous restaurant which was featured in the movie “Side Ways” 

I introduce this movie last time, which is called ” Side Ways”.  It made this area so popular.


This movie opened in 2004 and was a big hit at that time.



A lame single man who dreams to be a novelist made a trip to Santa Ynez Valley with his close friend.


Then he met an attractive woman who works for a restaurant.


There is a very similar movie which is a remake from Japan.


This is the remake Japanese movie “Side Ways”


The restaurant called “Hitching Post Ⅱ” is featured in this movie. 

It is still loved by American people and so popular.


And it is famous for steak.


The restaurant “Hitching Post Ⅱ”


The first restaurant called “The Hitching Post” was started by Ostini & Natalie Ostini in 1952.


 In 1986, Frank Ostini who is their son opened a 2nd restaurant. called “Hitching Post Ⅱ” 


There is a story of this restaurant on the menu.


The specialty of this restaurant is Santa Maria-style Barbecue.

It comes from the Argentina BBQ style, and then modified in the Santa Barbara area many years ago.


They burn wood logs from Live Oak to grill the meat for a long time.


Also, the wine served is from their winery called “The Hartley Ostini brand”


We made a reservation in advance, but there were huge numbers of people who had a reservation!


Many people were waiting inside the restaurant.


We waited 40 minutes and finally, we could be seated  


Today’s special on the board.


We ordered Grilled Artichoke as an appetizer.

The artichoke was steamed, grilled and smoked.


When I bit into it, a smoky taste expanded in my mouth.

It was really tasty.


And also spicy tomato mayo sauce matched with it.


This is the grilled Artichoke with a smoky taste.


I ordered a Bay Shrimp cocktail as well.


Tiny bay shrimp.


This shrimp cocktail with spicy cocktail sauce was tasty as well.


Both are my favorite dishes 


And I ordered the 5oz Filet Mignon Steak for the main dish.

The meat was tender and juicy texture.


It matched with Pinot Noi


This is Filet Mignon Steak.


For dessert, I ordered Key Lime Pie without hesitating, because it is my favorite dessert.


This is the key lime pie.


Lightly sweetened and I ate everything!


We were satisfied with dinner.


There are some pictures from the movie on the wall.


I recommend visiting there after wine tasting.


But don’t forget to make a reservation in advance!


The specific information about this restaurant

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