Road Trip to East Coast ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina ~


Well, our road trip continues. After breakfast, we left Chantilly on Saturday, July 10, 2021. We started driving toward Savannah, Georgia. However, Savannah was quite far away from Chantilly, at 570 miles. So we changed our plan and then stopped at Fayetteville in North Carolina.

We used Interstate 286 and 95. The distance was 413 miles, and it took about six hours, including resting time.


We could see lush green views from the car, which we hardly see in Los Angeles.

We could see lush green views from the car, which we hardly see in Los Angeles.


We passed a charming town with a river.


When we stopped at a gas station, I found some interesting things at a store. First, there were some smoked hams and bacon. The price was $9.00/ lb.


These are blocks of hum. I wanted to buy it, but I couldn’t get it back home soon enough, so I didn’t buy it.


And I found a bag of peanuts. Virginia state is famous for peanuts. I didn’t know that. The price was about $8.00/kg.

Also, I found some plastic models of trucks. This store was close to the interstate highway, so I thought they were selling these kinds of toys for kids. They would be a good souvenir.


Plastic models of toy trucks.


We continued driving toward Fayetteville. But we got stuck in a big traffic jam from an accident. We lost more than one hour of traveling time. 

 We got off the Interstate to make a detour. Then we found many one-story houses with expansive backyards without any fences! We cannot see this scenery in Los Angeles. Unbelievable without a fence! From where to where might be each house’s property? 

The price of land is much lower than in the big cities, so they don’t care about the fence, I think. But, of course, I was a bit jealous.


The street was so wide and I couldn’t find any fences in this area. Look at these Wide backyards!


We found a cornfield next to the residential area.


We drove this serene neighborhood for a while, then got on the Interstate again. Then we entered North Carolina state. 


North Carolina state sign.


Fayetteville exit sign.


Finally, we arrived at the hotel in Fayetteville before the sun went down. We stayed at Holiday Inn at this time. The room was clean and wide. Also, they had a big pool. We stayed here comfortably.

Our room and the bathroom.


Well, we found a southern food restaurant in the town. After we checked in, we drove there to have dinner. During the drive to the restaurant, we saw a beautiful sunset. 



We found a gas station at this cheap price! About half the price in Los Angeles!


The restaurant’s name was” Walk On’ S.” It was a southern food family-type restaurant. And there were many big TV screens on the wall, like a sports bar vibe. The restaurant was quite packed with many families because it was Saturday. 

Outside of the restaurant.


Like a sports bar.


The Restaurant’s menu.


We shared a couple of dishes. Fried shrimp with a spicy sauce called Boom Boom Shrimp, Grilled Red Fish with Louisiana corn rice called Red Fish Rudy, and Grilled Mahi with grits and fried ring onion called Mardi Gras Mahi plate.

The shrimp was a bit spicy, but matched with white wine!
“Red Fish Rudy” was refreshing and tasty.


“Mardi Gras Mahi” Grilled Mahi matched with grits and I love this plate!


The information about Walk On’S


When we checked after the dinner, we talked for a while to our waiter. He was so surprised that we drove from Los Angeles. He said before we were leaving, “God bless you! Have safe driving!” What sweet words he gave to us! I love this kind of behavior that the American people often give heart-warm words even to a stranger. Unfortunately, most Japanese people are shy and avoid talking or giving words. I love this friendly style so much. 

Next, we visited Savannah, Giorgia famous for its charming old city. 

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