• This is the front of the shop.
  • The menu is simple.
  • He is always roasting beans with a roaster machine.
  • Pirate's chai and my favorite " Morning Bun".
  • Iced Cappuccino.

Cozy and tasty coffee shop in my neighborhood


Hi everyone! 


No one knows when this pandemic will end.


However, it is September now  Almost six months have passed since this pandemic started.  


This summer in West Los Angeles, the weather wasn’t as hot as expected. It was more than 100F only a few days.


Now, it is better to wear a jacket at night because the temperatures are much lower than the day time.


The wildfires which have occurred every year have been expanding near a suburb of Los Angeles, and in the northern part of

California as well.


Just a few weeks ago, my ex-boss who lives in San Francisco, sent me a picture which was taken in his back yard.


The sky was orange, like Mars!

This photo was taken in the morning in San Francisco.


Many people are suffering from asthma and respiratory problem from this air pollution.  


I hope that these wildfires will be stopped sometime soon 


Accidentally, I found a nice cafe 


Well, there are tons of cafes in Los Angeles.


However, it is extremely hard to find a nice one which is close to my house, like I had in Japan.


When this pandemic started, I took a walk for my exercise almost every day.


I was getting bored when I walked the same, route so I tried a change one day.


When I was walking on the street which I had never walked or driven by my car before, I found that many people were

waiting in a line.


Why these people are waiting?  Then I found a sign of a coffee shop.


It’s called “Alana’s Coffee Roasters”.


This is the front of the shop.


Wow! I didn’t notice that a nice café is here. It was kind of a new discovery!


People are standing in line, which means this coffee shop is tasty, so I waited in line too.


The menus are simple. 


The menus are simple.


Cozy place!

Now, I go to this cozy comfortable coffee shop almost every week!


The reasons that I go once a week ・・・


① I can taste fresh and tasty coffee!

They roast coffee beans every morning with their own roasting machine.


They never make drip coffee in advance. So customers can taste a fresh coffee every time.


② It is close to my house after all! 

I can walk to this place in approximately 20 minutes.  


Sometimes I go there by car. They have free parking next to the shop.


There is a free parking space next to the shop.


If you cannot find a space to park, you can park on Venice Blvd. There are many metered parking spaces.


The staffs are friendly

The staffs are so friendly.


They talked to each customer nicely every time. 


Especially, Saad as the team leader, and a guy who takes care of their Social Networking named Ezekiel. 


They are both nice guys!



He is one of the staff called Saad.


They are not only friendly but also they are knowledgeable about coffee.


If I ask something about coffee, they explain specifically. So I love this place


④ The bakery is fresh and tasty!

We can get fresh pastries which are from some bakery shops close to Alana such as Hotcake Bakes in Culver City.


Many fresh pastries.


Everything is very delicious so every time I cannot easily decide which one to buy.


However, my favorite pastries are “Everything Croissant” and crispy “Morning Bans”!


This is “Everything croissant “with creamy cheese in it!


Pirate’s chai and my favorite “Morning Bun”.



⑤ There is a cozy patio!

Now we cannot eat or drink inside a restaurant or café.  Eating is only allowed outside on the patio.


However, it is hard to find a comfortable and cozy place in my neighborhood 


If I find somewhere that has a nice patio, but just a few tables, it is always packed and I cannot be relaxed.


However, this place has a comfortable and cozy patio behind the shop.



There is a cozy patio behind the shop.


Also, there are some big tables in front of the shop so you can spend a few hours and enjoy your time with a tasty coffee.


Some tables are in front of the shop as well.


So I always bring a book and spend a relaxing time.  


The owners, Erick and Erin have a strong passion for coffee 

This  Alana’s Coffee Roaster opened three years ago.


Actually, before this coffee shop was opened, one of the owners, Erick Stogsdill had his own booth at farmer’s markets.


He is Erick Stogsdill.


He sold coffee beans and coffee at the farmer’s markets for a long time.


In the beginning, he used a popcorn machine to roast the coffee beans.


He taught customers how to drip a tasty coffee,  and background information about coffee beans.


Then, through word of mouth, his business was expanded greatly.


During that time, Erin Ward who has known Erick from before left her entertainment business and then started to open this great coffee shop with him.


She is the other owner, Erin Ward.


It took two years to prepare to be opened.


The name of “Alana” is from Erick’s 15 years old daughter. 


She has been drinking coffee since she was 4 years old, so now she is a connoisseur of coffee.  


They sell coffee beans from places such as Guatemala or Ethiopia, which are imported directly from farms.
You can find specific information about each bean on their website.


When I talked to one of the staff, Ezekiel told me that Erick and all of the staff taste coffee beans through a broker.  If they interested in some beans, they visit the farms directly.


They visit farms then see the cultivation situation, harvest situation, and so on.


So all the staffs have a great skill of coffee.


Ezekiel told me that he is enjoying to study about coffee with shining eyes.


Erick’s passion for coffee reflects on his staff and they are working with Erick with the same ambition.


Also, for example, Almond milk and pastries are from other companies that are close to Alana’s coffee.


They cooperate with local vendors.  Such as Hotcakes Bakes in Culver city.


There are many artists, musicians, and painters in this area.  So they collaborate to have a concert or exhibit with artists. 


These are the fliers of the past events.

It means community-based business.


I feel Erick and Erin’s business style are familiar to local people.  So it’s always busy.


Below is a video which Erick and Erin who were interviewed on KTLA Channel 5 (Los Angeles TV)

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My recommendation 

Well, Erick roasts coffee beans every day with a roaster machine inside the shop.  


By the way, he roasts coffee beans with a light taste. It means more caffeine than a French roast.


Every time I visit the shop, he is in the roaster room so you can see him.

He is always roasting beans with a roaster machine.

Each coffee bean has its own smell and taste like wine so it is difficult to adjust the temperature and the time of roasting.


My favorite coffee is Blew Coffee, Ice Cappuccino, and not a coffee, Pirate’s Chai. 


Iced Cappuccino.


This Pirate’s Chai is a bit sweet and mixed with macha and nutmeg. I love it and I order it all the time.


My favorite “Pirate’s Chai”.


You can buy a coffee bean as well. I bought coffee beans from Guatemala.


You can buy some coffee beans. ($20.00 per bag)


When I opened it, the amazing coffee smell from the bag, and feel so happy.



When you drive around this area why don’t you visit and taste a great coffee with chat with the friendly staff at

“Alana’s Coffee Roasters”?


Alana’s Coffee Roasters

Address: 12511 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Business hours: 6:30 am ~ 5:00 pm 

Specific information from here

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