Picking apples are season now!


Apple farms in the suburb of Los Angeles

Well, my husband always suddenly decides to go somewhere.


The other day, he said, “Let’s go picking apples!”   


Apples? I guessed that he wants to go to Julian which is close to San Diego, but he said “Tehachapi”.


“Tehachapi? Where is that?”


I’ve never heard about that name before.


“Tehachapi” is in the very northern part of the Los Angeles area.


It depends on traffic, but it takes about one and a half hours by car. (Distance: 112miles) 



The view is an endless desert region from the window.


Also, we can see many Joshua trees as well.



Endless desert scenery.


The elevation gets higher so there are many Joshua trees.


After we got off the freeway and drove for a while, suddenly we found many apple farms everywhere!

We saw a lot of “Apple” signs after we got off the freeway.


However, at this time, the weather was hot and so windy.


We were covered with dus


We visited two apple farms    

First, we went to a farm called Pulford Apple Orchard”.


The entrance of Pulford Apple Orchard.


We expected for picking apples, but this farm doesn’t do it so we were disappointed 


This farm produces 18 varieties of apples of some 2,500 varieties grown in the U.S.


The owner of this farm called John explained.


He is John, the owner of this farm. He is so friendly and replied to my questions specifically.


I asked him why they do not do let guests pick apples as a business.  One of the reasons is the Covid-19.


He said that they have more than 2,000 apple trees and there are many varieties. 


They want to protect and manage the trees so, for these reasons, they have never had guests picking, since the beginning.


There are tons of apple trees on the huge farm.



However, they do allow guest picking for a special event such as a local kid’s field trips and military families trips.


So we can pick apples from the boxes and pay.  That is their system.


The prices are

・1/2 peck: $12.00

・1 peck: $20.00

・1/2 bushel: $34.00


Shoppers came one after the other. Because this was Sunday and the harvest season just started, I think.


We bought a bag of “Mutsu” for baking apples.


This is “Mutsu”.



There is a small shop. I found some homemade apple pies 


We bought a whole pie as well!


This is the homemade apple pie.


This pie was less sweet and the pie crust was crunchy!


The taste was tastier than I thought 

Less sweet homemade pie. So yummy!


I really want to back there just buy it again 


Also, we can buy apple juice and apple jam.


I recommend apple juice as well!


Pulford Appletree Orchard

Address: 19440 Highline Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Business hours: Fri ~ Sun, 9:00 am~ 5:00 pm (Closed on Mon ~ Thu) 

Specific information from here

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Next, we visited called Knaus Apple Ranch” which has been open for 48 years.


This is the entrance.


On this farm, guests can pick apples.

The prices are

・More than 20lbs: $2.00/lbs

・Less than 20lbs: $2.25/lbs


Apples were much smaller than the Pulford Apple Orchard.


Now, you will be required to wear masks.


So we can pick apples comfortably.


Pick apples as much as you like and put them in a plastic bag.


After bringing to the store then pay. However, only in cash.


This day was Sunday so there were many families.


Big parking lot in front of the farm.


There some souvenirs in the shop.


Knaus Apple Ranch

Address: 19042 Cherry Lane, Tehachapi, Ca 93561

Business hours: Thu-Sun, 9:00 am-4:00 pm, Mon-Wed are only for pre-reservation)

Specific information from here

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Going on a little trip to pick up apples to Tehachapi.


Just a few hours driving from Los Angeles!


Each apple has different harvest seasons.


This year has started in October, but it is started in September normally.


These are the apples which we bought in Tehachapi.


By the way, my husband made some baked apples with “Mutsu”


It was a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. So tasty!



My husband’s homemade baked apples.



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