Picking apples are season now!

1+ Apple farms in the suburb of Los Angeles Well, my husband always suddenly decides to go somewhere.   The other day, he said, “Let’s go picking apples!”      Apples? I guessed that he wants to go to Julian which … Continued

Santa Ynez Valley Winery Tour ~Part Two~

2+  “Los Olivos” is a small town where people gather to sample wines and do shopping.    Well, I would like to introduce a small town called “Los Olivos” which is close to Santa Barbara.     This town is … Continued

A famous restaurant in Venice, California

1+ A very popular restaurant called “Trattoria Felix”  There are many restaurants in Los Angeles.   There are many restaurants which have been in business for many years and also many new restaurants which are open for just a few … Continued

Baseball game at Dodger Stadium!

1+ A baseball game at Dodger Stadium!  Well, Dodgers are doing a good job this season.    Actually, now the results are 90 wins 50 losses!    The best won-lost percentage in the major league so far, this season.   … Continued

Small cute town called “Julian”

2+ A cute and small town called “Julian”  Well, this time, I would like to introduce a charming town in California called “Julian”      By the way, where is Julian?  About 50 miles northeast of San Diego.      The … Continued

Happy New Year 2019 !!!

3+ We joined the countdown party on New Year’s Eve   Happy New Year!   How was your New Year’s Eve and what did you do?   I have been spending the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the US … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 3

3+ Drive to Big Sur with feeling the nature   Well, I am going to write about the road trip to Monterey same as last time.   We drove to Monterey which was the final destination, after visiting Hearst Castle.   … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 2

3+ Natural mineral stones spread over “Moonstone Beach”  On the morning of the second day, after we had breakfast at the motel, we took a walk to the beach.   This is a motel which we stayed one night called … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 1

2+ A road trip after not traveling for a few months  Well, my husband suddenly said,” Let’s go to Monterey this weekend!”   My husband will suddenly plan a trip, and it’s a kind of a surprise gift.   So we … Continued