A huge size of outdoor store in Los Angeles County

2+ Time flew so quickly. I cannot believe that it is almost at the end of May. Here in Los Angeles, the temperature is warmer and warmer.   Well, I would like to introduce a big outdoor shop not far … Continued

Tasty dim sum in San Francisco!

1+ Time flew so fast! It is almost April! It is still cold in Los Angeles city. I cannot go out without a jacket, even in the daytime. The number of people who got vaccinated is increasing in the U.S. … Continued

Head up to San Francisco by train

2+ Hi there! Days have passed so quickly! It is already March! In these few weeks, the air temperature is getting higher day by day in here Los Angeles. Also, the days are getting longer than before. The spring season … Continued

If you like watching airplanes …

4+ Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well! Especially for airplane lovers, I would like to introduce some hidden spots where we can see airplanes.    The In-N-Out Burger and adjacent park, which is next to Los Angeles International … Continued

A nostalgic drive-in theater in Santa Monica Airport

7+ Now all the theaters in California are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I love watching movies on a big screen because it has more impact and sound than a home TV screen. I am so sad that I … Continued

My favorite beach resort “Laguna Beach”

2+ Happy New Year 2021  We said goodbye to 2020 which we have been struggling with this pandemic. We welcomed the new year with optimistic feelings. Have you decided on some new resolutions, or what would you like to do … Continued

Capri Gelato in Marina Del Ray

4+ I would like to introduce a new ice cream shop called “Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar” in Marina Del Rey, California. Coincidentally, I got a free local newspaper, and then I found an article about this new place. I’m … Continued

Regular winter season items which you can get only in Trader Joe’s!

3+ We finally got the end of 2020    We have been facing this pandemic situation for almost one year. How was your 2020?   I was fired from my job due to the pandemic and I am having a … Continued