Swayed by the pandemic ~ Part 2 ~


Well, I want to describe the days during which I have been staying at home since the COVID19 “Stay Home Order” was

announced in March.


Some of the restaurants reopened and we can eat while seated on a patio, but not inside the building.


Also, beaches and trails are reopened.  So areas in which we can do something are more available than before.


However, from March to May 2020, we could go to just a few places such as 


① Supermarket or pharmacy 

② Walk around my neighborhood


Actually, I cannot stay in my home all day and I love to go out.  So at the beginning, this situation was driving me crazy 


I almost screamed “I want to go somewhere!!! I want to go out for lunch with my friends!!!” every day.


Also, my husband and I love to cook meals, but we had to prepare breakfast, lunch, and then dinner every day.


It made us so tired. 


We took turns cooking every meal. 


However, once we’ve gone around our repertoires for a couple of times, we were getting bored doing it.


I cooked something from new recipes chosen from some cooking books.  But that was just temporary and then I stopped doing it.


And if we go shopping for some groceries, there were long lines everywhere in front of every supermarket.


Nowadays are much better, but at that time we had to wait just to enter the market for more than 30 minutes and then wait again

at the cashier. 


We were exhausted just buying groceries.


Then we figured out that we can skip preparing lunch or dinner and take out from somewhere every few days!


So we made a list of restaurants that provide take-out service.


Thus getting take-out food from a place on our list is one of our enjoyable thing to do. 


My Top 5 restaurants for take-out meals in Los Angeles   

I would like to introduce my favorite top 5 restaurants for take-out!


No.1  Sunnin


This is a Lebanese food restaurant in Westwood. I went several times and the food is so tasty.


Clockwise from left


◇ Moussaka: Baked eggplant in tomato sauce with onion, chickpeas, and garlic.

Falfel with Babaganouj 

Falfel is fried patties of crushed garbanzo with spices and herbs.

Babaganouj is mashed eggplant with garlic, tahini, and lemon juice.

Spicy Kefta: Spicy beef kefta cooked in tomato sauce served with rice.

Beef Kebab & Lamb Kebab


The total was about $80.00.


Here is specific information about the restaurant.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓    



No.2  Sushi Takao 

This is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant where my friend, Daijiro is working as a sushi chef.


It is one of my favorite places and it is a somewhat fancy place.


If I really want to have traditional Japanese sushi, not California rolls, and some fake sushi, I go there.



This time, we order a 7 pieces combo box ($28.00) and 10 pieces combo box ($48.00).


Just a few weeks ago, I did take out from a famous sushi restaurant.  But sushi rice was not tasty. I was disappointed. 


It depends on the restaurant.  Sometimes the food, when we eat at the restaurant, is fine, but take out is awful.


On that point, Takao’s fish is fresh and sushi is tasty. We can be satisfied!


They have some other menu items such as tempura and assorted bento box and so on.


Here is specific information about the restaurant.

↓ ↓ ↓



No.3  Hop Li


This Chinese restaurant has 4 locations in Los Angeles county.


They have a reasonable lunch combo menu, but dinner is a bit expensive.


I suggest this place when you want to have Chinese food!


Clockwise from the upper side,


◇ Mixed fried rice

◇ Sauteed Chinese green tender 

◇ Steamed fish fillet

◇ Chicken with cashew nuts

◇ Shrimp with honey glazed walnuts


The total was about $80.00.


Here is specific information about the restaurant.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓



No.4  Versailles

This is a Cuban restaurant near my house.


Everything is tasty and cheap!


What is Cuban food? Most Japanese don’t know about it. It is similar to Mexican.


Beef, pork or chicken meat with beans and rice.


One thing different thing that comes with dinner is fried banana (plantains) called “Maduros”.


My favorite dish is Camarones Al Ajillo (Shrimp with Garlic Sauce)


It is a shrimp cooked in a butter and garlic sauce. 



The left side on the rice is fried plantains.


Everything is a big portion and reasonable and so this place is always busy!


Here is specific information about the restaurant.

↓ ↓ ↓



No.5  Baby Blue BBQ  


On Independence Day this year, all events such as fireworks and concerts were canceled.


The American people love to do BBQ with their families and friends on this day.


This year, we did not want to make our own BBQ for just two of us.  So we went to a restaurant which serves tasty BBQ meats

and side dishes for take-out.


Clockwise from the upper side,


Grilled Shrimp & Corn Bread



 Pork Rib


Key lime pie


The total was $66.


If you want to eat a big portion, I suggest this place!


Here is specific information about the restaurant.

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