Road Trip to East Coast ~ Chantilly, Virginia ~

3+ After leaving Atlantic City on Friday, July 9, 2021, we started driving towards Chantilly, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington DC. During that drive, we stopped at Baltimore to see our friend and also at Washington DC to … Continued

Road Trip to East Coast ~ Atalantic City, New Jersey ~

4+ Hi there! Actually, we started this long road trip from Los Angeles to East Coast in June 2021. We stopped several states.  After we visited with my husband’s family, we drove to a city not far from New York … Continued

Road Trip to East Coast ~ Buffalo, New York ~

6+ We left Chicago, Illinois, on June 29. We started driving towards Buffalo, New York. We want to go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, eventually. However, it takes about 17 hours, so we planned to stop somewhere between Chicago and Cape … Continued