Baseball game at Dodger Stadium!


A baseball game at Dodger Stadium! 

Well, Dodgers are doing a good job this season. 


Actually, now the results are 90 wins 50 losses! 


The best won-lost percentage in the major league so far, this season.


My husband is a big fan of the Dodgers team and he said, “Let’s go to the Dodger Stadium to

watch a game!”


I forgot when was the last time that I went to a baseball stadium. Probably, more than twenty years

ago in Japan, I think.


The entrance is near the 110 Freeway.


The entrance to the parking lot. It costs $25 per car.


The history of Dodger Stadium 

The stadium opened in 1962 so it is 57 years old this year.


It was constructed in 1959 and it took less than three years at a cost of $23 million.


It is on the hill from which you can see Downtown LA.


We can see buildings of Downtown.


Also, this stadium is famous for the third oldest baseball stadium in the US.


By the way, the oldest stadium is Fenway Park in Boston and the second one is Wrigley Field in Chicago.


Dodger Stadium also hosted exhibition baseball during the 1984 Summer Olympics. 


Also, it held some concerts such as The Beatles, U2 and Mickael Jackson.


Actually, in the mid-1950s, the Dodgers team used to be in Brooklyn, New York City.


The team president, Walter O’Malley, tried to build a domed stadium in New York, but the city

refused his application.


So he changed his mind and then he moved the team to Los Angeles because LA accepted

his offer to build a stadium.


At Dodger Stadium there are 21 terraced entrances on the six different seating levels.


First, the entrance with a security check.



Security check area.

Six different seating levels.


There are 56,000 seats from field seats to top deck seats.


Wide-open stadium.


There is parking for 16,000 cars and each section seating has parking immediately adjacent to an entrance.


This is a parking area where we can see Downtown.



Inside the stadium 

There are many souvenir shops and food vendors on each level.


There are many souvenir shops on each floor.


Our seats were in field-level seating and at the 15th row on the first base side.


I felt closer to players than the stadium in Japan  


Closer to players than in Japan.


We could see the bullpen after a short walk from our seats.


This time Kenley Jansen was throwing balls.


It was so impressive!


Relief pitcher, Jansen. However, he did not appear in the game at that time.


Before the game started, the US Women soccer team got the first prize in the World Cup.


Everyone was excited at the news.


The moment of victory of women soccer team!


By the way, the Dodgers game on this day did not have good results for the team.


In the first inning, the Padres team, from San Diego, hit a home run 


Unfortunately, the result was 5 – 3 and the Dodgers lost the game.


During the game, the Dodgers fans were so excited and made the “Wave”.


These things are an American tradition and I love to do that.



A picture poster of one of the most popular players, Clayton Kershaw


Food and drink in the stadium   

Well, the typical food and drink while watching a baseball game is hot dog and beer, I think.


One very popular food in the stadium is the Dodger Dog.


Many people buy this. 


A plain hot dog costs $6.75.


The most popular food is a Dodger Dog.


However, my husband loves to buy another hot dog called the Kosher Hot Dog.


Kosher means made the sausage conforms with Jewish rules.


I have not compared it with the Dodger dog so I do not know exactly how the taste is different,

but it was really good.


This is the Kosher dog. Pickles, ketchup, and mustard are free!


The Kosher dog shop is on the field level and you are facing the field. 

So it is on the far right side.

This is the Kosher dog stand.


If you are interested in this hot dog, why don’t you taste it!


It was a hot day so I drank a can of beer and also one draft beer!


Also, I prefer garlic fried potatoes 


It was so tasty  ( I forgot to take a photo!)


About the V.I.P room!

After the game, when we were returning to the parking lot, we found V.I.P rooms!


These are V.I.P rooms.


The staff was cleaning room then he said, “If you want to see the room, come on in!”


So we entered one of the rooms.


It was a room which had seats in the front facing the field and the capacity for about 20 people.


There was a bar in the back of the room and seats were on the outside.


From inside of the V.I.P room.


There was a menu from which you can order directly to the room.


I was so curious about the menus.


It was typical American food such as a salad, chicken wings and so on.



These are the V.I.P menus.


The prices are

・Ceasar salad $120 (for 10 people)

・Chicken wings $150 (for 10 people)

・Pizza $66 (for 8 people)

・Beer $41 (6 pack)


I thought it was normal prices.


However, rich people can rent these kinds of rooms and watch the game with a relaxing lounge

behind the seats.


If you have money, why don’ t you rent this gorgeous room and invite all your friends!


How to get a ticket and how to get to the stadium  

There are many web sites to get tickets, but I prefer to access the Dodgers web site to buy the ticket.


The price depends on the date and category of seats.


The average is between $70 to $100.


Dodgers web site is from here ↓ ↓ ↓


How to get to the stadium

① By car

Exit to Dodgers Stadium from the 110 Freeway and the stadium is close to the exit.


② By public transportation

・Use the Metro and go to Union Station and then transfer to the free shuttle bus

   called “Dodger Stadium Express”.


③ By taxi or UBER

・I do not suggest going on a taxi or UBER. That is because the price is changeable and depends on the traffic.

 And it is difficult to find UBER after the game.


Precautions for watching day game in the summer season    

In the summer season, the temperature and sunshine are strong in Los Angeles so

I suggest bringing with you





I think in Dodgers stadium you can feel like an American, even if you do not really like to watch

baseball games.


If you visit Los Angeles, how about watching a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium?


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