A famous restaurant in Venice, California


A very popular restaurant called “Trattoria Felix” 

There are many restaurants in Los Angeles.


There are many restaurants which have been in business for many years and also many new restaurants

which are open for just a few months.


Out of all the restaurants, this one is so popular that it is difficult to book a table. The online reservation system shows almost nothing available for the next month.


This place is called “Trattoria Felix” 


Finally, my husband’s friend booked a table and he invited us to have dinner.


The entrance of the restaurant.


This restaurant is on a busy street called Abbot Kinney which has many boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.



A competent woman owner!


“Felix” means ” Happy” or “Lucky” in  Latin.


The owner of this restaurant is an Italian Canadian woman named Janet Zuccarini.


The owner of this restaurant is Janet Zuccarini.


Her father Giacomo Zuccarini was the first man who imported espresso machines from Italy into

Canada in 1959.


And he opened a small cafe which served pizza in Toronto.


Then, 40 years later, his daughter Janet had the Zuccarini family’s pioneering spirit and passion for hospitality.


She opened the first Italian restaurant “Trattoria Nervosa” in Toronto in 1996.


And “Gusto101” in 2012, “Pai Northern Thai Kitchen” in 2014, “Gusto 54” which is a catering company

in 2015 in Toronto as well.


Also “Kiin” , “Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen”, “SameSame” in Toronto and “Trattoria Felix” in Abbot Kinney

in 2017.


“Trattoria Felix”  was lauded as Esquire’s “#1 Best New Restaurant in America” and

Eater LA’s “Restaurant of the Year.” 


About Janet Zuccarini from here ↓ ↓ ↓



How about the atmosphere and the menu?

☆About the atmosphere of the restaurant:

I want to introduce the atmosphere and the food at this restaurant.


If you search “Trattoria Felix” on the internet, you can find that this restaurant has four $ marks.


It means a fancy, expensive restaurant.


I imagined that this place might be a high luxury place. 


However, it was actually a casual dining place 


This restaurant, if anything, you can enjoy dinner and share food with friends and family.


So almost guests were a group.

※The largest party size is 6 guests.


Casual dining restaurant with an open visible kitchen.


The menu and the delicious food

This is a drink menu

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


The average cost for a glass of wine is around $17.


It is somewhat expensive.


I was so happy that on the menu there is one of my favorite wines, Lambrusco (sparkling red wine)!


This is Lambrusco!


Dry and light texture! I drank two glasses of Lambrusco 


This is a  food menu

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


$10 for fluffy focaccia! (I forgot to take a pic  )


About nine varieties of appetizer such as salad or melon with prosciutto.


This time we ordered

・Fiori di Zucca: Squash blossoms & cream of ricotta

・Polpette della Maetra Alessandra: Pork meatballs with salsa verde & parmigiano reggiano

Crostone: Summer fig, ricotta, wildflower honey & black pepper


Fried squash blossom with ricottta.


When I bit in, the creamy ricotta cheese melted from squash blossom!


So tasty!


Pork meatballs with salsa sauce and Parmigiano.


Spicy salsa sauce was a good combination with meatballs!


Summer fig with ricotta bruschetta.


It looked like a dessert.


The sweetness of fig matched ricotta cheese and wine as well!


And primo piatto can choose from pasta or pizza.


Many people ordered pizza, but we ordered pasta this time.


We ordered Cacio e Pepe (pasta with Pecorino cheese and black pepper)


This is Cacio e Pepe.


They use Tonnarelli is one of the pasta which is famous in Abuzzo, east of Rome.


Also known as spaghetti alla chitarra (it means guitar spagetti).


This pasta uses for Cacio e Pepe.


This pasta is thicker than normal spaghetti and Pecorino cheese melted with this pasta!


So tasty!


I love it.


We can choose fish or meat for the main(secondo piatto).


We ordered Pork shoulder steak which stuff recommended us.


Pork shoulder steak with bright grilled red peppers.


A little bit fatty, but the texture was so soft and juicy.


It is a good match for red wine!


I felt that all dishes added another twist to great dishes and so every guest want to visit and taste again, I think.


My friend who is a picky eater, but he was satisfied.


We were full so skipped dessert.


I am looking forward to ordering dessert.


I save the best for later for next time.


The reasons for the popularity of “Felix” 

Why this restaurant is so popular?


How can they keep this situation going and survive a couple of years within the tough and competitive food business?


I was wondering while I was having dinner and watching inside the restaurant and staffs’ behaviors.


The restaurant style is informal and casual. 

Each dish arranges with some twist and everything so tasty so guests can enjoy them.

・The staff members have pride in their work at this restaurant and they are so energetic.

If ask some questions about wine or food, every staff member can answer sooner.

・I felt that they are very well trained. 



The place is comfortable and we all enjoyed the wine, food, and everybody wants to come back again.


This is the big point of this restaurant.


The owner, Janet is aware of the guest’s needs.


That’s why she is a successful business person.


I am not sure that when I can go back to this restaurant.  But I really want to visit again sometime soon.


If you are interested in this restaurant, check on their website frequently then book a table and enjoy your

dinner with your friends or family!.


Absolutely you can enjoy and satisfy your cravings for fine food and wine 


Trattoria Felix 

Address:1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd.


Business hours:5: 30 PM – 10:00 PM


About the restaurant from their web site ↓ ↓ ↓



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