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Especially for airplane lovers, I would like to introduce some hidden spots where we can see airplanes.


 The In-N-Out Burger and adjacent park, which is next to Los Angeles International Airport


Firstly, an area next to In-N-Out Burger is close to the Los Angeles International Airport called LAX.

Most international flights fly just above this area. So we can see aircraft one after another at this location.


This In-N-Out Burger store is very close to the airport.


Seeing the giant aircraft and then hearing the sound of the engine is so powerful beyond words! 

I am impressed by the massive size of the aircraft and the powerful sound before landing.


I could see ANA, which departed from Haneda airport!


Nowadays, we see fewer aircraft due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a disappointing situation for me・・・



Whenever I go there, I get a Double-Double hamburger, well-done fries and grab an iced-tea at the In-N-Out Burger. Then we sit on the patio from which we can see aircraft. This is the moment of happiness to watch many aircraft eating In-N-Out’s Burger! I can stay there the whole day 

This is the In-N-Out Burger outside patio.


The domestic airline, Southwest Air, flies above us and lands on the runway.


There is a tiny park next to the burger store. You can see the aircraft while sitting or lying on the grass.  Or you can do a picnic at this park!


A tiny park next to the In-N-Out burger store.

※You can park your car inside In-N-Out Burger’s parking lot or park on the street.



 A hidden place that is known to those in the know


The next hidden place is a park which is on a hill close to the airport.

Many local people come to this place on weekends.


This place is called Cutter’s Park.

Cutter’s Park

Address: 423 East Imperial Ave. El Segundo, CA 90245  

※There is no parking lot. So you park on the street.



We can see a runway which is for domestic or cargo aircraft. Unlike the first area near the In-N-Out, this place is on a hill and overs the whole airport. In the daytime and also at night, with a view with bright runway lights, this place is gorgeous.


You can see many otaku people who love to take photos of aircraft with expensive cameras 🎥

People who shoot aircraft.


Also, there are tables, chairs, and benches in the little park. So you can bring food or take coffee. I made sandwiches and coffee, then brought them here. We enjoyed our lunch at this park while watching airplanes.  It was like a picnic.


There are benches, tables, and chairs.


I brought my sandwiches like a picnic and
 enjoyed watching airplanes!


Qantas A380 has been parking since this
Covid pandemic occurred.


 You can enjoy twice as fun with an App!

If you like aircraft, you probably know this App called “Flightradar 24.” This App can tell us about many airplanes in the world in realtime. My husband used to fly planes in the past, like Cessnas and Pipers. So he knows about these kinds of things. When I learned this App, I was so impressed.

This is the App of Flightrader 24.


This App is very precise.  We can easily see what kind of aircraft are coming in for a landing.  We can also see how many hours elapsed since they departed and from which city. We can also see which aircraft are departing and their destination.

This is ANA Flight 106 was going to landing at Los Angeles International Airport.


Especially international flights from Asia fly above our house. This is ANA Flight 106. I took this photo when I was searching on this App.


So every time I go to these places, I search for aircraft on this App.  Then I can find that ANA is going to land within a few minutes or that American Airlines will fly to Japan. Just watch aircraft with this App makes it so enjoyable a time. I can spend a whole day with this App lol   I can feel like I am going to travel somewhere like virtual travel.


Why don’t you visit these places which you can see aircraft so close with coffee and snack?  I guarantee that you can have a fabulous time much different from other recreation. Or if you come to Los Angeles as a tourist, you can make a great memory with another kind of tourist destination.


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