Tasty dim sum in San Francisco!


Time flew so fast! It is almost April!

It is still cold in Los Angeles city. I cannot go out without a jacket, even in the daytime.

The number of people who got vaccinated is increasing in the U.S. So finally, businesses such as theaters and gyms can open, and Disneyland will reopen at the end of April. The traffic is becoming busy. It is a sign that everything is getting back to normal!

Well, I would like to describe the place in San Francisco that we visited a year ago. It is one of my favorite places to enjoy authentic Dim Sum, and it is called “Yank Sing.”

The in front of the entrance.


When I visited San Francisco for the first time, my husband brought me here. The staff pushes wagons, one after another, with various kinds of dim sum which are hot from the kitchen. When a wagon rolls by with the food you want to eat, you raise your hand and point to the plate. You can choose as much as you want. I used to travel to Hong Kong many years ago, and I went to dim sum restaurants. This place is similar to those, so I fell in love with this place.


Many wagons with a lot of variety of dim sum come one after another!



But be careful and don’t be gluttonous! If you choose many plates at once, it is possible to overeat. So relax and enjoy dim sum.

Also, some foods are not served from wagons. You can order from the menu. 

Anyway, don’t rush. Choose dim sum from the wagons and enjoy! It is my tip to enjoy dim sum. 


This is the menu.


   The vibe of this restaurant

Yank Sing actually has two locations in San Francisco: Rincon and Stevenson. Rincon is the bigger of the two. And Rincon has patio seating as well. This place is so famous, so I highly recommend making a reservation in advance, especially on the weekend. If you go there without any reservation, you have to be prepared to wait in line for a few hours.

Inside the restaurant.  

Tables in the patio. 

Many people are waiting in front of the restaurant.



  These are the five best dim sum dishes!

I love everything though・・・・.

❖ The top dim sum is “Xiao Long Bao”

Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) is the best in this restaurant! They serve it piping hot in a bamboo steamer. You can put some sliced ginger on it, sprinkle it with vinegar and soy sauce.  You eat using a Chinese soup spoon. Don’t spill the broth! So order it at least twice, lol.


This is Xiao Long Bao. Eat with sliced ginger, vinegar, and soy sauce. The soup in the dumpling is delicious! 


❖ The second-best dim sum “Pekin Duck” (Beijing Duck)

Put some flaky, moist duck meat grilled with honey and Hoisin sauce (Chinese sweet miso) in a chewy ban. I became addicted once I ate it! 


This is Pekin Duck.  Sandwich duck meat with a chewy bun!


❖ The best-third dim sum “Steamed Shrimp rolled with rice crepe”

This is one of my favorite foods as well, steamed shrimp with wobbly rice thin crepe. The staff serves vinegar soy sauce on it. It is delicious! Just remembering that makes me want to taste it. 


Wobbly steamed shrimp with rice thin crepe. It is a light taste so you can eat it easily.


❖ The best-forth dim sum “Lettuce Cup.” 

The Lettuce Cup is filled with mixed stir-fried minced chicken, scallion, bamboo shoot. It is all wrapped with lettuce. Prepared and served from the wagon.


It is called the “Lettuce Cup.”


❖ The best-fifth dim sum “Sesame Ball and Silken Tofu”

At the end of the meal, we always order some desserts. Everything on the menu is tasty, but the best is a sesame ball and Silken Tofu. The sesame ball has sesame paste inside, and you can feel the crispy sesame taste. And the Silken Tofu is a special dessert only for the weekend. The texture is so soft, and it matches with sweet syrup.


We always order sesame balls and silken tofu for dessert.


They have a takeaway shop next to the restaurant. So you can grab some dim sum to go.


After the check, they bring some fortune cookies.


If you have an opportunity to visit San Francisco, why don’t you go to “Yank Sing” to eat tasty dim sum! But don’t forget to skip the breakfast to keep a space to enjoy dim sum!


   Specific information about “Yank Sing.”

Yank Sing (Rincon Center Restaurant

– Address: 101 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 04105

– Tell: 415781-1111

– Business Hours:

  Mon-Fri 1100 am 3:00 pm

  Weekend, Holiday: 1000 am 4:00 pm




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