A huge size of outdoor store in Los Angeles County


Time flew so quickly. I cannot believe that it is almost at the end of May.

Here in Los Angeles, the temperature is warmer and warmer.


Well, I would like to introduce a big outdoor shop not far from Los Angeles.

We visited Rancho Cucamonga, and then my husband remembered there is a big store for outdoor sports in this area. It is not an outdoor store. Rather it is a fishing equipment store, “Bass Pro Shop.”


This is the entrance.


We have these kinds of stores in Japan, but the size here is much bigger than in Japan.

For fishing-lovers, it’s just irresistible.


This store has two stories and ginormous in size. And not the only fishing gear, but also, it sells camping equipment, sportswear and so on.





This is a corner of camping equipment.


Some items which I felt that’s so America!

I want to introduce some items I have never seen in Japan and am so surprised.


🦌 Hunting corner



This is the hinting comer.


We don’t have anything like this, “Hunting Corner.” Complete some documents, pay fees, attend lectures for 10 hours called “Hunting Education”.  Then if the person passes the exam, they get a license to own a gun.  Of course, in Japan, it is not legal for a person to own a firearm.


The specific information about the California Hunting certificate form here

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓



I tried to take some pictures, but customers and staff photos took some from the other area. Also, I found a shooting range. I was so curious and wanted to enter. However, I couldn’t enter because I don’t have a license.


This is the entrance of the shooting range.


Also, I found camouflage clothing and other hunting equipment. I’ve never seen this up close. So everything was so interesting for me.

There are many hunting clothes and tools.


  Leisure boat for lake


Big size of leisure boat called Pontoon Boat.


These kinds of boats for lakes can’t be found in Japan. These big leisure boats are called Pontoon Boat. Pontoon boats have become wildly popular for lake boating. It can be rigged with enough power to tow tubes and skiers and to cruise along at 40 MPH or faster.

Pontoons range in size from less than 16 feet to more than 25 feet, with amenities ranging from basic to luxurious and options aimed at entertaining, watersports, and fishing. Pontoons offer lots of interior space and can carry a crew of family and friends. Almost all pontoons are powered by an outboard motor that’s quiet and easy to maintain.


The specific information about Pontoon Boat from here

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The engine is on the backside like this.

There were two boats at that time inside the store. One of them, the price was $46,640, which divided over ten years is only  $387 per month.


The other one was $37,420, which divided over ten years is $307 per month. Both have already sold.


By the way, these boats can be towed by a car. I saw one the other day, and a vehicle was towing this Pontoon Boat. “This is America!” When I saw the boat on the road.


This is the Pontoon Boat which was towed by a pickup truck. It was huge!


Also, this store has a seafood restaurant. After the pandemic occurred, it was closed for a while, but it reopened recently.

Even if you are not interested in fishing or camping, you can enjoy seeing it inside this store. You can enjoy your meal at the restaurant as well.

This is the restaurant which is next to the store.

Here is the website of Pro Bass Shop  

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If you want to do camping or fishing in California, why don’t you visit this Bass Pro shop? You can enjoy the whole day like visiting an amusement park.


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