Road trip to East Coast ~Flagstaff, Arizona ~


Well, almost half of the year has passed.

In California, the Covid-19 vaccination is making good progress in the last few months. Beginning June 15, all businesses may reopen with normal operations. My husband bought a Cadillac Escalade with the Super Cruise feature a month ago, and then he planned a long road trip to East Coast.


My husband is so happy to use the Super Cruise (autopilot) function. In this photo, he is eating pastry without holding the steering wheel or stepping on the gas.


The first half of the trip will be from Los Angeles to New Jersey, where my husband’s brother lives. The other half will be back in Los Angeles, but we haven’t decided the route yet. Probably, it takes one and a half months.

I am so excited because it is hard to make a long driving trip like this. I am going to describe this road trip as we go. And I would like to tell you about the food, and the great sightseeing spots which aren’t in California.

On the first day, we left home on Thursday, June 17, at 8 AM.  Then we drove on Interstates 10, 60, 605, 210,15 and 40. We drove to Flagstaff, Arizona, the gateway city to some national parks such as the Grand Canyon. The distance is about 478 miles, and it took about 10 hours, including the rest time.







From looking at the Skyscrapers of Los Angeles downtown, the view from the window eventually changed to the desert. I felt how big this country is.

This is a road sign at the beginning of Interstate 40 which references the end of Interstate 40 in North Carolina, 2,554 miles away from the westernmost point in Barstow.


The view from the window changed from urban to dry land.


We stopped at a town called Needles which is near the border between California Arizona. When we got off the freeway, we found a restaurant named after the famous Route 66. There was a little monument that there used to be a Route 66 Train station.


The restaurant is named after Route 66.


We had lunch at Subway, and then we bought soft ice cream at Dairy Queen. The taste was similar to the Japanese one, which I tasted at a highway rest area before.


This is the soft ice cream from Dairy Queen.


However, I was surprised that the price of gas was so much higher than in Los Angeles. It was more than $5.00 per gallon! And also, the temperature was 120°F! I’ve never experienced 120°F! Extremely hot.


The gas was more than $5.00!


The outside temperature was 121 ° F!


After lunch, I drove another 3 hours to get to Flagstaff. We had heavy rain, but we arrived at the hotel safely. We stayed one night at Holiday Inn Express.


Normal business hotel.


We had dinner at Outback Steakhouse, which was close to our hotel. We ordered Onion soup and steak.


Onion soup and fillet minion.


In my next blog, I will describe one of the Navajo Indian properties called Monument Valley.


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