Road Trip to East Coast St.Louise, Missouri, and Springfiled, Illinos ~


We still have been driving towards Chicago. Until we get to Chicago, we stopped at two places. First, we stopped at Springfield, Oklahoma, then on Thursdays, we woke up at 5:00 am, checked out the hotel, and started driving towards Springfield, Illinois.

The distance was 311 miles. We drove five hours included the rest time—used interstate of 44 and 55.


We did not have enough time to have breakfast, so we brought some food from the hotel then ate in the car. Boiled eggs, pastries, and coffee.



Watching the sunrise. The straight road ahead.


Joined a Budweiser factory tour

St. Louise, Missouri, is the home ground of Budweiser. We planned to join a factory tour before started this road trip because we will drive around St. Louise before getting to Chicago. So, we made a reservation in advance.

We got off the interstate and stopped Budweiser factory along our way to Chicago. When we got off the interstate, I saw a lot of red brick buildings. We cannot see these old-style buildings n Los Angeles. I was curious about what these old buildings like from the old American movies.


We could see these old red brick buildings everywhere.


When I was watching the view from the car, I found a big brick building appeared in front of me. When I was taking closer, this building was the Budweiser factory with a big sign.


This is the factory.


A sign of the entrance of the tour.


The tour building.


The Budweiser’s famous emblem.


First, we checked at the front desk. This time we joined a tour called Beer Master Tour ($40/person) which we can learn about the history of Budweiser and taste a fresh beer. And, there are some other tours such as Clydesdale VIP Experience Tour($30/person), which we can see Scottish horses and family can enjoy, or  Day Fresh Tour($15/person), which we can learn a little about the history and taste some beer.


There are four tours.


I found a cute sign which described social distancing with beer bottles.


At the check-in counter.


This factory is huge, about 142 acres. Built in 1875 and we still can see old buildings inside. Like a town!


Old brick-style buildings.


We followed by a woman guide and got on a shuttle bus. Then we had a lecture about the history of Budweiser by drinking a bottle of beer which they served us. Also, we learned about the process of producing beer.



This is a room in which we had a lecture.


We can drink bottles of beer as much as we like from this refrigerator.


Budweiser was established by a German American man called Adolphus Busch and his friend, Carl Conrad, after traveling to Bohemia. They were inspired by Bohemian Beer, then started to produce beer in 1857. After his son, Adolphus Busch, and son-in-law, Eberhard, joined the beer business. By 1901, the company sold over 1 million barrels of beer for the first time, making it one of its leading breweries.

Before the prohibition, beer was delivered by Scottish horses called Clydesdale. In April 1933, the prohibition was over, Budweiser delivered beer to President Roosevelt in Whitehouse. Now, these horses are still keeping in this factory and present at some kid’s events.

Scottish horses, Clydesdale, and a picture of Clydesdale carriage.


Budweiser uses 5 ingredients: rice, barley malts, pure water, yeast, and hops. All ingredients are made in the US, and they use the same ingredients in all factories. For example, hops are made in Idaho.


Depends on each tour, there were 14 people on our tour.


◎ Producing beer quick understanding

Milling: Ground rice and barley malts in separately.

②Mashing: Mash rice and barley malts with the purest water at the right temperature. This brew is heated carefully than the starch comes from rice and barley malts.


This is a huge machine for mashing rice and barley malts.

Straining: Strained the combined grain mash. Amber color and sugary taste liquid called wort is made from this process.

Brewkettle: Add hops, then boil. Adjust the aroma and flavor in this process.


This is a room for brewing.


Primary Fermentation: Add yeast, then ferment with 50F for 21 days in a big stemless tank. We tasted the liquid which has been fermenting. The taste was not good without any bitter or sparkling taste.


This stemless tank has 60ft high.


Beechwood Lagering: This will be the final process. Refrigerate with the right temperature to aging. We tasted a fresh beer from the tank directly with special equipment. This beer was the tastiest I’ve ever had.


These tanks are for aging the beer.


The guide set special equipment to the aging tank then we pour fresh beer into each glass.



The tour was hearing the guide’s explanation in each facility. Also, she answered any questions friendly. As a result, I learned a lot about producing beer.

They gave us a hat and a beer glass as a souvenir.


Well, after the tour, we had lunch at a beer garden. We tasted fresh beer from the factory, Fish and Chips.


Inside the beer garden. Beer, fish, and chips.


The specific information of Budweiser factory tour

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Heavy rain at Mississippi river

After the tour, we drove towards the Mississippi River. However, suddenly getting heavy raining, so we just saw the scenery from the car.


We just saw the Mississippi River and the famous arch called The gateway arch from the car.


If the weather was nice, we could have walked along the river. What a shame!



Hotel in Springfield, Illinois

We stayed at a hotel, not in St. Louise, and we stayed in Springfield, Illinois. We stayed at the same name of the city in Missouri yesterday. Actually, there are many names of Springfield. Such as in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois.

Until we got on the interstate, we saw a lot of old train tracks and warehouses.

There many train tracks and old brick buildings everywhere.


When we were driving towards the hotel, we could see a stadium called Buch Stadium in front of us. This stadium is the home ground of the Cardinals, St. Louise.


soon as we closed the Mississippi river, there was a state border of Illinois.


We stayed at Hampton Inn, which is a chain business hotel this day.



Our room.


We skipped dinner because we ate so much for lunch. And we went to bed earlier than normal.

Well, finally, we are driving to Chicago tomorrow to see my husband’s friends and relatives.


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