Small cute town called “Julian”

2+ A cute and small town called “Julian”  Well, this time, I would like to introduce a charming town in California called “Julian”      By the way, where is Julian?  About 50 miles northeast of San Diego.      The … Continued

Happy New Year 2019 !!!

3+ We joined the countdown party on New Year’s Eve   Happy New Year!   How was your New Year’s Eve and what did you do?   I have been spending the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the US … Continued

About one of Jewish holidays “Hanukkah”

2+ We do not celebrate Christmas Christmas is coming   There is Christmas decoration everywhere.     As I wrote before, my husband is Jewish.   Christmas is the ceremony to celebrate Jesus was born.   Jewish people do not celebrate … Continued

Thanksgiving is a holiday that families spent together

3+ Thanksgiving is like a Japanese New Year “Oshogatsu”  Well, the Thanksgiving day was on Thursday, November 21st this year of 2018.   This “Thanksgiving” is just like a Japanese New Year called “Oshogatsu”   Everyone is talking about “Where are … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 3

3+ Drive to Big Sur with feeling the nature   Well, I am going to write about the road trip to Monterey same as last time.   We drove to Monterey which was the final destination, after visiting Hearst Castle.   … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 2

3+ Natural mineral stones spread over “Moonstone Beach”  On the morning of the second day, after we had breakfast at the motel, we took a walk to the beach.   This is a motel which we stayed one night called … Continued

Road trip to the California Central Coast : Part 1

2+ A road trip after not traveling for a few months  Well, my husband suddenly said,” Let’s go to Monterey this weekend!”   My husband will suddenly plan a trip, and it’s a kind of a surprise gift.   So we … Continued